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Coding For Kids Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  992175PL
Producer:  Educational Voice
Subject:  Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, Media Literacy, Science
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Ireland
Copyright Year:  2020
Running Time:  30:26

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Digital technology is a big part of the lives of many children today, as our children are surrounded by the Internet with smartphones, computers, video games, etc., which pushes us towards teaching programming to children. Like learning physics, mathematics, chemistry or biology, it is important for children to understand the basic building blocks of an integral part of their lives. Teaching coding to children helps them realize that what is happening around them is not magic, and that they can create useful applications and games on their own. In these fun, animated sequences, Aaron teaches us some important coding tips and techniques!

Playlist includes the following 8 videos:

Python - Aaron is learning how to use a new coding language - python! He's so excited!  (4:53)

Block Coding - Block coding uses a drag-and-drop approach where groups of code—aka blocks—are already prepared on the side. All the programmer needs to do is select the block they want, drag it to the input field, and drop it. (3:54)

Coding Courses - Aaron discusses what coding is and how it works. It sounds complicated but it’s not! Whatever age you are, you can start coding today. (3:43)

Games and Coding - Aaron loves playing Minecraft building multiple empires. His mom wonders what educational benefit this has so he teaches his mom how Minecraft takes a lot of brains to create things. (3:53)

Binary - Aaron is trying to talk to his computer so he has to use binary to communicate. Binary code is a method of counting using two digits - 0's and 1's! (5:34)

Coding Words -  Aaron is learning to build his own characters in a game. He helps you understand some important terms like algorithm, sequence, loop, branch, and debug. (3:17)

What is Coding? - This animated coding video lesson explains what coding is. 

Game Based Coding - Using block-based coding, our host develops a simple game. He uses a checklist of 3 steps - pre-production, production and post-production. Each step and rules are explained. (3:37)

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