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Wacky Media Songs Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  APT498
Producer:  Apartment 11
Producing Agencies:  Apartment 11 Productions
Subject:  Arts, Character Education, Citizenship Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance, Health, Language Arts, Marketing, Mathematics, Media and Communications, Media Literacy, Music, Social Media
Language:  English
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2022
Running Time:  72:00

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Wacky Media Songs is an educational song-based series that inspires kids to get curious about digital and media literacy all while singing along to the catchiest, coolest tunes. Each of the 36 fun-filled, zany two-minute video explores a different aspect of digital media literacy, ranging from cyberbullying and online safety to advertising, gender stereotyping, and even the ways that camera angles affect how we feel. These songs empower viewers to be critical consumers of media and active, responsible users of digital technology as well as promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills.

MediaSmarts – Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy acted as a consultant for this series.

Collection includes 36 songs, 2 minutes each:

  • Create the Hype! - There’s a whole marketing machine behind movies and they start to create the hype way before the movie even opens by selling us hoodies, toys, t-shirts, and more!
  • Fake News! - Fake news can look real, but sometimes it’s just someone trying to trick you. How can you tell the difference?
  • Star Power! - Advertisers sometimes use celebrities to help sell their products. Star power can be hard to resist.
  • Like Don't Like - When we like something and don’t want to give something else a chance, it’s called bias. We all have biases and so does the media.
  • Privacy Please! - It’s really important to be safe online, just like in real life!
  • We'll Make Them want It! - Packaging is the marketers’ last chance to convince us to buy their product. They have to grab our attention right away.
  • Feed the Machine! - Internet search engines are super useful for looking up all kinds of stuff. But to get the best results, we have to feed the machine the right way.
  • Fact versus Opinion Showdown! - There’s a big difference between a fact and an opinion. Knowing how to tell them apart is super important.
  • Creating a Brand - From packaging to creating a cool mascot, everything about a brand should give us good feelings.
  • The Answers are Here! - While doing research for her homework, Ava is overwhelmed by all the information she finds online.
  • Words That Sell! - Risk-free! Virtually unbreakable! Once-in-a-lifetime! Marketers use words to sell us products and sometimes those words don’t even mean anything, but they can still have the power to persuade us!
  • What's Inside? - We should be aware that sometimes unboxers get stuff for free and all the views their videos get are like free advertising for the companies that make those products.
  • Guess Who? - An avatar is a kind of online mask that can protect your real identity. It gives you lots more privacy and helps keep you safe online.
  • Picture Perfect - Ava wants to be on the cover of a breakdancing e-zine and she wants her pic to look perfect, just like her favourite influencer’s pics! But, in real life, who’s perfect anyway?
  • Let's Connect - Just like in real life, when we connect with online friends, it’s important to show respect.
  • The Algorithm Knows! - An algorithm is like an online formula that collects information about us based on what we search for and what videos we watch.
  • The Emoji Dance: Sometimes words aren’t enough to get your meaning across. That’s where emojis come in. 
  • Just Another Influencer - An influencer can feel like a friend, but we should always keep in mind that they’re not necessarily authorities and it’s okay to question what they say.
  • Reading Images - Did you know you can read images almost like you read words? It’s called visual communication and it has its own language.
  • End It Now! - Bullying in real life or online is always wrong! If it happens to you or a friend, it’s important to speak up and tell someone you trust about it. 
  • Hop on the Bandwagon - The goal of bandwagon advertising is to convince us that if we buy a product, we’ll be part of a special group.
  • Make Me Shine! - advertisers use all kinds of tricks to make food look amazing so that we’ll buy it. 
  • Game On! - Want to play online games with friends? It can be super fun. Ava shares some tips on how to make sure we stay safe and don’t fall into the trap of playing all day long!
  • Be Nice to Your Device - Do you ever get frustrated because your computer or tablet isn’t working properly? Technology can be like that sometimes and it might just need a reboot or time to cool down.
  • I Want Your Clicks! - Over-the-top headlines like that are called clickbait and they’re meant to make us super curious, so we’ll click on links.
  • You Do You! - We’re all different and unique, and we can avoid stereotypes by just being ourselves. You do you!
  • Check before You Post! - We can’t control who will share our content with others and once it’s out there, we can’t take it back.
  • Too Good To Be True? - A scam is when somebody tries to trick you into something like giving them money or your personal information.
  • Hit Us in the Feels! - Advertisers know that our emotions have a big impact on our buying decisions.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight - Have you ever watched movies or TV shows and seen brand-name products in them? That’s product placement.
  • What a Deal! - Advertisers use lots of promotions to make us want to buy their stuff.
  • Think Twice with That Device! - It’s important to be mindful about how we use media.
  • Media is Everywhere! - From billboards to magazines, music, apps, text messages and even the logo on your jacket, media is any form of communication that gets messages across to an audience.
  • Frame It! - Frames aren’t just for pictures! When we tell a story, we choose what parts to keep in and what parts to leave out. 
  • Won't Be Fooled Again! - Oops! Ava falls for an April Fool’s joke her friend plays on her. She realizes she should check where information comes from before believing it. 
  • They Really Like Us! - Marketers like kids because we spend lots of money buying their stuff. 


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