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Ping and Friends Series

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Catalogue Number:  KON000
Producer:  Kondolole Films Inc.
Subject:  Animation, Character Education, Children's Stories, Early Childhood Education, Entertainment, Music
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  369:00

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PING AND FRIENDS, follows Ping and her friends as they find musical inspiration in unlikely places. While having fun with words and sounds, they come up with the most fantastical tunes imaginable.

Targeted at audiences of 3 to 7 years old, the series covers curriculum concepts in a playful and creative way. Rhythm is explored with movement. Sing, clap, dance, tap your toes, clap your hands and make some noise! Music is great gateway to participation and movement.

Melodies in the show are simple and repeatable, so children can sing along with the melody. Understanding of tempo as a fundamental concept of music. Songs go faster and then slower. We engage the audience in conversation through the characters using new with a careful dose of repetition, which at this age, is key.

A fantastic variety of friends from all around the world that visit Ping and Pong during the series. Each one plays instruments from their culture. Children are introduced to various instruments (sounds and timbres) that are used in music from around the world. All of Melody Meadow friends collaborate to make music together. Music is often a collaborative art.

In the show, we also see how musical instruments can be self-made: from utensils from the kitchen to recycled objects or things found in nature. Everything makes a sound. Experiencing music and sounds in a story trigger emotions. Moments are happy or sad, but there is always a way to solve the emotions with the right words and a bit of music.

Series Titles
Product No.Title
KON001Shleepy Lullaby: Ping and Friends
KON002Rainy Day Blues: Ping and Friends
KON003Busy Bees: Ping and Friends
KON004Spring Orchestra: Ping and Friends
KON005Ding Dong Song: Ping and Friends
KON006Pop Goes the World: Ping and Friends
KON007The Singing Ant: Ping and Friends
KON008Homemade Bluegrass: Ping and Friends
KON009The Seal Rhythm: Ping and Friends
KON010Welcome Djembe!: Ping and Friends
KON011A Hula of a Story: Ping and Friends
KON012The Birthday Beat: Ping and Friends
KON013A Puzzle of a Melody: Ping and Friends
KON014From Kickups to Samba: Ping and Friends
KON015Dance, Dance, Dance: Ping and Friends
KON016Square Dance: Ping and Friends
KON017Positive Vibrations: Ping and Friends
KON018For the Love of Triangle: Ping and Friends
KON019Little Pong Peep: Ping and Friends
KON020One, Two, Three: Ping and Friends
KON021Fiesta Fiesta: Ping and Friends
KON022The Keytar: Ping and Friends
KON023One Stormy Day: Ping and Friends
KON024The Big Audition: Ping and Friends
KON025Go Loud and Soft: Ping and Friends
KON026A Day at the Beach: Ping and Friends
KON027Chinese New Year: Ping and Friends
KON028Digeridoo: Ping and Friends
KON029Less is More: Ping and Friends
KON030Moving Along: Ping and Friends
KON031Silent Ping: Ping and Friends
KON032Clowning Around: Ping and Friends
KON033Jamming Jam: Ping and Friends
KON034Marching Band: Ping and Friends
KON036Ice Sculpture: Ping and Friends
KON037Rainbow Umbrellas: Ping and Friends
KON038That’s Opera Pong!: Ping and Friends
KON039Snow Day: Ping and Friends
KON041Movie Music Magic: Ping and Friends
KON042Musical Painting: Ping and Friends
KON043Moonflower: Ping and Friends
KON044Give it All Away: Ping and Friends
KON045The Big Sheep Wedding: Ping and Friends
KON046Dance of the Zils: Ping and Friends
KON047A Song for Snail Mail: Ping and Friends
KON048The Camping Trip: Ping and Friends
KON049The Prickles String Quartet: Ping and Friends
KON050African Story Time: Ping and Friends
KON051Caterpillar Music: Ping and Friends
KON052Ping and Pong Music School: Ping and Friends

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