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Sean Karow

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Coughlan's Coffin: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR002

Can you come home after death? Can the ocean do the soul’s bidding and take a body thousands of...

The Lake Of The Healing Waters: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR000

For centuries, we’ve been searching for the Fountain of Youth, magical healing waters to make us...

The Plains of Abraham Mysteries: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR004

War is a futile enterprise. Generals struggle with uncertainty, wagering lives while they guess at...

The Revelstoke Event: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR001

Fireball Flames Down in BC.  Sunlight, Sunset in Seconds. Fireball Panics South-Central BC were...

The Vanishing Village of the Dead: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR003

The headline was stark and gripping: “Tribe Lost in Barrens of the North / Village of the Dead...

The Windigo: Unexplained Canada

Sean Karow KAR005

There is a monster haunting the northern woods of Canada. A giant, ravenous monster with an...

Unexplained Canada Series

Sean Karow KAR006

Unexplained Canada examines the fact, fiction and possible folly of some our nation’s...

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