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Exploring, Adventures and Lessons to Learn! Volume 3: Miaomiao Series

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This title is a part of the series Miaomiao Series

Catalogue Number:  LSD107
Producer:  Lofty Sky Distribution
Subject:  Character Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance, Health and Medicine, Holidays, Language Arts, Safety, Science, Social Studies, Sports
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  16 x 7:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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Programs included in Volume 2 are:

  • Dragon Princess Part I - A regular day at the beach turns eventful when Miaomiao and Doudou accidently enter the underwater world of the Dragon Princess, a young dragon trying to master her magical powers. Learn to say "fish" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Dragon Princess Part II - In part II of Dragon Princess, Miaomiao and Doudou end up trapped with the Dragon princess in a glass container after a spell gone wrong. The duo must help the Dragon Princess learn to trust herself and her magical abilities in order to go back to the beach. Learn to say "trust" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Treasure Explorer - Miaomiao, Doudou and Benben must work together to find hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea, learning a valuable lesson about teamwork along the way. Learn to say “teamwork” In Mandarin Chinese.
  • Superhero - A superhero costume puts Miaomiao and Doudou’s friendship to the test. Through the conflicts, they learn friendship is the greatest super-power of all. Learn to say “friends” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Car Race - It’s race-day for the gang, but a false start by Miaomiao prompts a lesson in traffic rules. Watch to see who ends up winning the race. Learn to say “stop" and "go” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Travel to the Desert - Miaomiao and Doudou are transported to a barren desert where they quickly learn the importance of water. Learn to say "water" and "thirsty" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Lemonade - A showdown ensues between Miaomiao and Doudou when they disagree on which is better—sweet or tangy lemonade. Learn to say "drink" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Keep It Clean - Miaomiao and Doudou are tasked by the mayor to keep the park clean, a seemingly impossible task with Tantan the monkey constantly littering. The two teach the mischievous monkey that cleaning can be fun. Learn to say "clean" and "dirty" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Magic Hat - Welcome to Miaomiao's magic show! Miaomiao uses a magic hat to make her friends disappear and reappear. When Doudou disappears, they find out the magic hat can lead to mysterious lands. Learn to say "Where are you?" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Magical Genie - Miaomiao and Doudou stumble upon a magic lantern in the desert. A genie emerges and grants them three wishes. Learn to say "wish" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Winter Games - Welcome to the Winter Games! Watch as Miaomiao and her friends compete in different winter sports and teach their friend Tantan that winning isn't everything. Learn to say "sports" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Scavenger Hunt - The gang get stranded on a beach when their boat floats away, but Doudou uncovers a treasure chest with a clue leading to another boat. The gang must work together to find the clues to get off the beach. Learn to say "I don't know" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Miaomiao Goes Camping - The gang goes camping, and Miaomiao learns that her way isn’t always the best way when her mistakes put the entire group in a bad situation. Learn to say “camping” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The Picnic - Miaomiao, Doudou and Benben are planning a relaxing day at the park, but the fun turns into chaos when Benben’s appetite gets the better of him. Learn to say “I’m hungry” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Pirates! - When Miaomiao’s toys get stolen by pirates, she has to figure out a way to get them back and teach the pirates a lesson. Learn to say “share” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Miaomiao's Circus - Doudou steals the show during a group performance and ruins the fun for everyone when his showing off leads to disaster. Learn to say “circus” in Mandarin Chinese.

Nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award under the ‘Best Cross-Platform Project—Children’s and Youth’

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