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Sports Lab Series

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Catalogue Number:  BTE093
Producer:  Breakthrough Entertainment
Subject:  Character Education, Guidance, Health and Medicine, Science, Sports
Language:  English
Grade Level:  6 - 8, 9 - 12
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2015
Running Time:  26 x 11:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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The dynamics of science behind the sports we play! A celebration of sports and getting active! SPORTS LAB is a series for kids aged 6-17 that showcases a wide range of sports. It helps kids better understand them while demonstrating the scientific elements at work. SPORTS LAB also promotes participation and active play, important messages for kids surrounded by digital distractions. Inclusiveness and accessibility are also key factors.

Series Titles
Product No.Title
BTE094Soccer (Kinetic Energy): Sports Lab Series
BTE095Track and Field (Centre of Gravity): Sports Lab Series
BTE096Baseball (Kinetic Chain): Sports Lab Series
BTE097Skateboarding (Thrust and Drag): Sports Lab Series
BTE098Cricket (Airflow Dynamics): Sports Lab Series
BTE099Tennis (The Magnus Effect - Effect of Spin): Sports Lab Series
BTE100Dressage (Biomechanics): Sports Lab Series
BTE101Table Tennis (Muscle Memory): Sports Lab Series
BTE102Trampoline (Hooke's Law - Elasticity): Sports Lab Series
BTE103Breakdancing (Centripetal Force - Motion in a Curved Path): Sports Lab Series
BTE104Curling (Friction): Sports Lab Series
BTE105Volleyball (Newton's Laws of Motion - Inertia, Acceleration, Action/Reaction): Sports Lab Series
BTE106Hockey (Elastic Collisions): Sports Lab Series
BTE108Squash (Angles): Sports Lab Series
BTE109Swimming (Thrust and Drag): Sports Lab Series
BTE110Bowling (Momentum): Sports Lab Series
BTE111Figure Skating (Conservation of Angular Momentum - The Momentum of a Spinning Object): Sports Lab Series
BTE112Basketball (The Science of Arcs): Sports Lab Series
BTE113Snowboarding (Torque): Sports Lab Series
BTE114Para Alpine Skiing (Drag Forces/Air Resistance): Sports Lab Series
BTE115Freestyle Skiing (Acceleration): Sports Lab Series
BTE116Lacrosse (Torque and Axis of Rotation): Sports Lab Series
BTE117Football (Science of Drag): Sports Lab Series
BTE118High Jump (The Centre of Mass): Sports Lab Series
BTE119Waterskiing (Centripetal Force): Sports Lab Series
BTE120Sledge Hockey (Newton's Third Law of Motion): Sports Lab Series

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